Commercial Building Inspection

Fred Thrall, LLC, is a Commercial Building Inspection firm that helps people buy, sell, maintain & construct commercial & institutional buildings, serving the greater Denver, Colorado area.

  • Are you buying or selling a commercial building? Fred Thrall can provide a comprehensive Property Condition Assessment, ensuring that you really know the condition of the property.
  • Do you own a commercial building? Mr. Thrall can provide a detailed Capital Reserve Evaluation to help you plan for future repair and replacement expenses.
  • Are you constructing a commercial building? Mr. Thrall can provide competent Construction Quality Control, maximizing value and ensuring that you get what you're paying for.

Fred Thrall has personally inspected hundreds of commercial & institutional buildings, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Industrial & heavy manufacturing buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Medical buildings.

Fred Thrall is a commercial building inspector with 40 years experience in construction & development, an MBA degree and a Civil Engineering degree. He consults on commercial & institutional buildings only; he does not perform home inspections.